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The PVS-14 multi-purpose night vision monocular was commissioned by the United States Military in the late ‘90s. Today there are more PVS-14 units currently deployed in NATO Armies than any other night vision device. The PVS-14 was the first real multiuse monocular, allowing it to fulfill a huge variety of Military needs. It is also one of the most popular night vision units for law enforcement professionals. The Alpha Optics PVS-14 uses the same framework, and its battle-proven design is lightweight and tough with superb optics. The PVS-14 is compatible with a host of accessories, allowing it to be hand-held, head/helmet-mounted, and weapon or camera-mounted. Designed for the most demanding nighttime Military or law enforcement operations, it is one of the best systems available.
The PVS-14 kit includes:  demist shield, sacrificial window, neck cord, AA Battery, lens cleaning tissue, shoulder strap, soft carry case.

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